SASSECO Services

Fire Sprinkler System

In your building, your fire sprinkler system is the single most important fire protection system you can have. Fire sprinkler systems respond to fires in seconds, often putting them out completely or at least knocking them back until the fire department arrives. There are many different type of fire sprinkler system available, each one designed to protect a different type of building. At SASSECO, we provide full fire sprinkler installation – from piping and fire sprinkler head installation to electrical and plumbing hookups. If necessary, we can even install new water main and sewer lines or construct a new pump room in your building! 

FM200 Systems

FM-200 Inspections & Maintenance SASSECO for Safety Systems will provide the inspection and maintenance schedule to keep your system in compliance. We keep accurate inspection and maintenance records that are required by NFPA and Civil Defense Standards. We provide immediate response to fire suppression system discharges whether accidental or from a fire to get your system back into service as quickly as possible.

Fire Alarm System

One of the most important fire protection systems you can install in your building is a fire alarm. A fire alarm system is one of the best ways to alert your employees and coworkers of a fire so they can quickly get to safety. It is important to keep your fire alarm system up to code to ensure it works properly at all times. As a result, quarterly fire alarm system inspections are critically important. If you are due for a fire alarm system inspection.