FM200 System

FM-200 Inspections & Maintenance

SASSECO for Safety Systems will provide the inspection and maintenance schedule to keep your system in compliance. We keep accurate inspection and maintenance records that are required by NFPA and Civil Defense Standards. We provide immediate response to fire suppression system discharges whether accidental or from a fire to get your system back into service as quickly as possible.

  • Test and clean all detectors

  • Verify shutdown and evacuation circuits

  • Verify cylinder pressures and weights

  • Check for changes in hazard integrity

  • Check input and output circuit supervision

  • Simulate system discharge and test releasing circuits

  • Visually inspect agent piping and nozzles

  • Check hydro test dates for cylinders and discharge hoses

SASSECO Fire professionals are ready to support your Riyadh Area organization’s and Anywhere in Saudi Arabia fire protection systems and service requests 24 hours a day.

FM 200 Recharge


Do you need FM 200 recharge? Call” SASSECO” Shawamekh for Safety Systems and Equipments! We offer FM 200 reclamation and recharge services to ensure that your building is kept safe from fires always. If your fire suppression system has recently discharged and you need FM 200 recharge service, call SASSECO today!

Mission Critical Equipment Requires Special Fire Suppression Considerations

Many fire suppression systems can damage or destroy the very equipment they’re meant to protect. Sensitive computer, electronic and telecommunications equipment – like that found in data centers, telecommunication facilities and other tech businesses — require special fire suppression considerations and advanced care. If your building houses mission critical electronics and you have limited space, consider FM 200and NOVIC 1230 alternative waterless fire suppression systems that is specifically designed to protect sensitive computer, electronics and telecommunications equipment.

How FM-200 Works

FM-200 is a clean agent fire suppression system designed specifically to protect sensitive electronic equipment. FM-200 stops fire fast using a combination of chemical and physical mechanisms. FM-200 discharges gas (1,1,1,2,3,3,3-Heptafluoropropane) directly onto the surface of combustible materials. Heat is absorbed from the surface of the burning material(s), thereby lowering the material’s temperature below the ignition point.

FM-200 deploys quickly and cleanly – it won’t leave behind oily residue, particulate or water. FM-200 is one of the fastest suppression systems available; its extinguishing levels are typically reached in ten seconds or less. This extreme speed results in less damage, lower repair costs and shorter downtime - not to mention a greater window of safety for any people that may be involved in the fire.

Typical Customers Using FM-200 Systems

FM-200 can be safely used where people are working and present. It is used as a propellant in pharmaceutical inhalers that dispense asthma medication! Common environments using FM-200 for fire suppression are businesses, government buildings, universities, hospitals, museums and many others. Worldwide, over 100,000 systems have been installed to date. The FM-200 agent is stored in cylinders as liquid. Pressurization is achieved using nitrogen which saves massive amounts of storage space. FM-200 takes up to seven times less storage space than systems based on CO2 and inert gases. When discharged, the liquid flows through a network of piping into the protected area where it vaporizes.

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Using the wrong type of fire suppression system in a telecommunications or data center

Environment can cause major damage. SASSECO offers a variety of cutting edge fire suppression systems including FM-200 for companies in Saudi Arabia.


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